Frequently Asked Questions


  • Do you provide free in-home estimates?
    • Yes, we come out to your home and provide a free estimate on the spot. We can provide estimates on full or partial kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or kitchen countertops. Please call (301) 589-5321 to schedule your free consultation or fill out our: Free Estimate Form
  • Can I select the granite slabs or remnants?
    • Yes, full granite slabs can be selected as long as your project is over 25 square feet. For granite remnants there is a $150 fee. More information on selecting slabs
  • What types of countertop materials of you offer?
    • We have a large selection of natural stones, natural quartz, recycled glass, engineered stones, and solid surface. Granite, Silestone, Cambria, Caesarstone, Soap Stone, Marble, GEOS, Lexton
  • Do you have images for the different material colors?
    • Yes, you can find the entire Silestone Color Collections broken down by series here: Silestone Colors

More FAQs

How long does the process take?
We will install your tops in a few hours with scheduled appointments in the morning or afternoon. From template to install is normally less than 5 business days

Do I have to remove my old countertops prior to template?
No, we can template over top of your existing tops.

What do I need to do before you template?
Just clear your countertops of any loose items such as jars, appliances, papers, cookbooks, etc.

How do my current tops get removed prior to install?
Counter Intelligence, Inc. offers a Tear Out and Reconnect Service that includes all necessary tear-out, plumbing disconnect/reconnect services for a smooth, easy job.

What about plumbing, electrical and gas connections after my counter are installed?
We offer all of these services for your convenience and will be happy to quote a price for your specific needs. With our Tear Out and Reconnect Service we guarantee that you will have a working kitchen in one day!

Do I get to select my granite slabs?
Yes. We have multiple locations for you to view and purchase the slabs that will be used for your project.

Is there a warranty associated with your granite countertops?
Yes. We only use Grade A, 1st cut stone. We never use commercial or 2nd cut stone. Your new granite countertop from Counter Intelligence comes with a 15-Year Stain Warranty .

Do I have to re-seal my granite countertops?
No, we use IntelliGuard, a proprietary stone treatment that will not wash or wear away.

How do I clean my new granite countertops?
Simply use soapy water or a gentle household cleaner. We also offer a proprietary cleaner that will bring out a shine that will keep your tops looking like new for a lifetime.

Do I have to supply you with measurements for my countertop estimate?
We need basic, approximate dimensions for your estimate. A Counter Intelligence representative can assist you with the measuring process and we can quote your job off of an average sized countertop and get specific dimensions from our templating process.

If my kitchen is being remodeled, how can I give you my countertop dimensions?
Please forward your new kitchen layout or blueprints to your Counter Intelligence, Inc. Representative or bring them with you when you visit us.

If I am using a Contractor, does the contractor need to be involved in this process?
Yes. We will need your contractor to assist us in scheduling your template and install. You can include him in the quoting and selection process at one of our Warehouse Locations if you like, but that is not necessary.