Bathroom Vanities take Center Stage in a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Vanities are the focal point of today’s bathroom. They have become the center piece for a successful bathroom remodel, and let’s not forget that functionally, we do need somewhere to store our extra rolls of toilet paper. We’re seeing a number of design trends in the bathroom that you’ll want to consider when remodeling or building new.

Furniture in the Bathroom
One design trend that we’ve seen for a while is bathroom vanities that look like pieces of furniture. We’re seeing smaller designs for powder rooms and larger vanities for master bathrooms. In fact, one large bathroom vanity with a sink on either side is becoming popular for couples who share the space. For older homes, a darker stained wood works well with a light Granite vanity countertop.

Freestanding Cabinetry
Sometimes the double vanity just looks too bulky in the bathroom. Instead, try two pedestal sinks, for “his and hers”, with a freestanding bathroom vanity in the middle. We’re seeing quartz bathroom countertops used more and more in this design due to the wide array of colors now available.

Escape to the Bathroom
Today’s homeowner wants the look and feel of a spa at home. Turning bathrooms into “spa retreats” is one of today’s most popular home remodeling projects. Bathrooms are getting bigger, separate showers and bathtubs are being added, and different materials such as wood, quartz, and granite are being used in artful combinations as bathroom vanity countertops.

Parade of Color
We’re still seeing white as the most popular fixture color, but choosing to add a colorful bathroom vanity can really breathe some life into a dull, dreary space. A new bathroom vanity can be added quickly and with a minimal investment, but the effects can be dramatic. The new color palettes being offered in granite, acrylic solid surfaces, and quartz are offering choices to today’s consumer that weren’t available ten years ago. From natural colors to blues and red, color sets the mood and adds personality to your bathroom space.

Varity of Textures
Different textures are being brought into the bathroom. Designers are taking inspiration from nature and combining various elements into artful forms of expression in the bathroom. Stone, granite, glass, acrylic, and quartz are being used to soften hard edges and complement the wood being used in the bathroom cabinetry.

Electronics and High Tech
Forget the shower radio, today’s bathrooms are high tech all the way. Flat screen TV’s and stereo sound systems are being found in more and more of today’s bathroom remodels. Smaller TVs and DVD players are being cleverly built into the bathroom vanity.

Consider asking a design specialist from CIA Countertops exactly how you can pull some of these elements into your bathroom remodel. They’ll even tell you how you can get a free bathroom vanity countertop if you purchase kitchen countertops at the same time. Schedule your free consultation today.

Have your Kitchen Cabinets installed and Ready in time for the Holidays

Order top of the line cabinetry for your home! Top name brands like Waypoint Living Spaces, New River Cabinetry, and Heritage can provide a variety of choices, highest quality, and exclusive colors that will give your kitchen that distinct look you have been wishing for.

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Simple; we have factory direct pricing available for kitchen cabinets from some of the top cabinet brands. Over the years we have cultivated and grown relationships with Waypoint Living Spaces, New River, Heritage and others that only a strong commitment to quality, craftsmanship and partnership can accomplish. Our partners are just as proud to be working with us, as we are working with them. This special bond and commitment between our providers, gives us a strong competitive advantage over other kitchen cabinet suppliers.

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And John Murray, owner of Counter Intelligence, has 40 years of experience in Home Improvement. John started Counter Intelligence in 1986 fabricating and installing Corian and Laminate Countertops. But then as now, there was a lot of competition for your business. To stand out in the crowd, Counter Intelligence relied on Innovation, Technology and Craftsmanship. These core principals are still our driving force in providing you with a “better experience” for your remodeling project.

Shower Remodel Made Easy

Just looking to freshen up that shower in the guest room? Excellent! Small projects such as a new shower don’t have to be a hassle or expensive. There are plenty of affordable choices that will make your shower pop and make the bathroom look new!

Plenty of options

Depending on your budget and design style required, you may want to opt for full panel shower enclosures. These are basically full panel (meaning without any seams) running all the way from the floor to the top of the shower coverage. Full glass doors with this selection can make your bathroom not only pop, but also look elegant and stylish.

Another option is the traditional wall tiles. These are also an excellent option, and with glass doors can accomplish the same look and feel of any elegant bathroom. Even if you don’t have good lighting or even a lot of space, having these full glass doors will automatically open up the space.

Free estimates

We offer a large selection of different shower surrounds, enclosures, door styles etc. Please give us a call to schedule a free estimate at (301) 589-5321

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Explore the luxury and beauty of Cambria Countertops

Be consumed by the elegance and superior quality of Cambria countertops. Cambria pure natural quartz is the hardest non-precious stone on earth. Cambria looks and feels like granite, but is superior in its performance and life long durability. This extremely hard stone makes the finest quality kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities available on the market today. Cambria countertops meet the demands of today’s consumer by offering beautiful form and durable function to be enjoyed for decades.

The Cambria natural stone surface is not only attractive and elegant, but is the premium material for your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Cambria countertops are:

  • twice the strength of granite
  • non-porous
  • require no maintenance
  • worry-free and easy to clean
  • stain resistant
  • never needs to be sealed, polished or reconditioned
  • completely natural
  • comes with a guarantee
  • radon free
  • made in the USA

In fact, Cambria is so superior in its composition that it is certified by NSF International for safety in use as a food preparation surface and UMKosher as representing the highest quality of Kashrut supervision. Because Cambria is nonporous, its surface can not be penetrated by bacteria, food, and moisture, thereby making it as safe as a stainless steel countertop, only much more beautiful.

Cambria has been custom designed to match the taste and appeal of the American consumer. Cambria is a leader among countertop manufacturers when it comes to design and color. Cambria is offered in over 60 colors, more color choices than any other natural quartz product available. The rich colors penetrate the entire material, giving consumers everlasting durability.

The care of Cambria countertops and vanities is not a difficult process. Just wash Cambria with warm water. No more attention or work is needed. But Cambria has other important safety factors as well. It is radon free and GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product for inside air quality. In fact, Cambria natural quartz surfaces have been tested to show that Cambria has no impact on indoor air quality and do not off-gas. Cambria countertops do not contain formaldehyde or VOC’s.

Cambria is primarily mined in North America and is made exclusively in the United States, so it has a lower “carbon footprint” than other imported quartz materials. The Cambria Company is family-owned and has been in business for more than 60 years.

Cambria is guaranteed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to assure you that your new kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities will retain their everlasting beauty for decades to come.

Whether you are looking to replace just your countertops to give your kitchen or bath a fresh new look, completely remodeling, or building new, Cambria kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities offer you a world of elegance and durability. CI Countertops further sweetens the deal by making your choice of a Cambria countertop fast, easy, head-ache free, and affordable. Schedule an appointment today to discuss the installation of Cambria countertops in your home with a design specialist from CI Countertops.

Silestone Countertops – Quartz: The Choice of Discriminating Tastes

Luxury, elegance, superior performance, and life long durability. This is today’s Quartz countertops. This is Silestone Quartz and Cambria Quartz. This is what kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities are all about.

Quartz countertops contain numerous benefits:

  • Maintenance free
  • No sealing necessary
  • Harder and more durable than granite or marble
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Non-porous
  • Large color selection
  • Color consistency
  • Comes with a warranty
  • NSF & GREENGUARD certified

Quartz is one of the hardest minerals known to man. Quartz countertops are composed of up to 93% crushed quartz which gives them superb functionality. They have the look and feel of granite, but provide a stronger and more durable surface. Take a look at how quartz countertops compare to other kitchen countertop materials.

CI Countertops offer two of the best names in quartz countertop products for its customers to choose from – Silestone and Cambria. For more information on quartz countertops, ask a design specialist from CI Countertops which product will be the best fit for your home remodeling or construction job.

Quartz countertops are fast becoming the kitchen countertop and bathroom vanity top of discriminating consumers around the globe. Quartz countertops fit today’s consumer by offering superb quality and durability, fashionable designs, extensive health benefits, and maintenance free ease that lasts a lifetime.

Kitchen Cabinets: Options, Design and Installation

Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be a fun project, but also costly. If you’re thinking about replacing the cabinets on your own, then we invite you to read about some cabinet options, design and how-to install them yourself! Check it out.

Kitchen cabinets are not only functional, serving the purpose of storage, but also set the tone and theme for your entire kitchen. One can never have too much storage in a kitchen. With only a certain amount of space to work with, planning for the number and sizes of cabinets will ensure you have enough storage. And, functional kitchen cabinets do not need to be dull, but are often stylish furniture pieces, too. Whether you refresh current kitchen cabinetry or install new cabinets, with so many styles and price ranges you will definitely have enough options to select from.


Kitchen Cabinet Options

Options for kitchen cabinets have become much more numerous over the past several years due to innovations in design and materials used. Today’s kitchen cabinet market offers you the open cabinet concept, glass front cabinet doors, slide-out shelving, easy-close doors and drawers, cabinets made specifically for dishes, spices, even small appliances. Handles can be mixed and matched, and lighting can be installed under, within, and behind depending upon the mood you want to set.

Kitchen cabinets are also made from a wide variety of materials. Hardwoods such as red oak, white oak, maple, cherry, pine, ash, birch, and hickory can be found. Frequently you will find wood/plywood/veneer cabinets that are cheaper than one hundred percent hardwood. Other options are laminates, thermofoil, particleboard, medium-density fiberboard, and plywood – all of which are typically less expensive than hardwood cabinetry. If your budget is limited, do not over look scratch and dent cabinets. Or, if you want a commercial-style kitchen, try stainless steel or aluminum cabinets.


Kitchen Cabinet Design

Working with an experienced kitchen designer will provide you with a plan that gives you the most cabinet space in the size of the kitchen that you have. A designer will be able to take your kitchen cabinet wish list and create a design that maximizes storage as well as functionality. It is important to show and/or describe to the designer how you use your kitchen. For example, are you an experienced cook or someone who cooks occasionally? Do you entertain a lot in a kitchen/open area space? Will your kitchen countertops double as a breakfast bar? Also, let your designer know if you are going to be installing a different floor as floor height might impact the height of the cabinets you buy.

In addition, you need to have a sense of how much cabinet space you need for storage. Know what items you will be accessing on a daily basis as well as kitchen items that you want handy, but may not need to access so frequently. For example, dishes, glasses, mugs, silverware, pots, pans, etc. should be within easy reach. Small appliances such as blenders and bread making machines are kitchen items you may use occasionally, so storing these in the back of lower cabinets may be ideal. Selecting cabinets that go all the way up to the ceiling will provide you with additional storage space. These are all very important elements to consider prior to laying out your cabinetry.

If you want to visualize how your cabinets, countertops, floors, tile, and backsplashes may look, use our Kitchen Visualizer tool, it’s so much fun! You can mix and match your choice of colors so you can really get an idea of what your looking for in your new kitchen design. There are also several kitchen layouts to help you visualize in different perspectives.

Kitchen Cabinet Installation

Installing cabinets nowadays is much easier with today’s cabinet products than in the past. Before you even begin mounting cabinets on the wall, have a detailed plan with specific accurate measurements laid out in front of you. Double check to make sure that you left space for the refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, range hood, windows, and any other items that will be in the kitchen. If you are planning to have a kitchen island with storage, measure it plus the area that you will have to work around the island to make sure that you will have enough clearance to move about freely.


Installation Options

Professional kitchen remodelers that have years of experience building-out kitchens should give you the cleanest, best looking, most workable kitchen for your money. If you decide to go to with a professional, talk to at least three recent clients to make sure that they were pleased with the work they had done on their kitchens. If not, keep looking until you find the right professional for your project.

The other option is to do the kitchen cabinet installation your self. To do this successfully you will need accurate, detailed blueprints of your kitchen design, a measuring tape, pencil, stud finder, ladder, level, screws, shims, screwdriver(s), saw(s), and kitchen cabinets to start.

Complete all painting and installation of flooring, first, before you begin installing your kitchen cabinets. When you are ready to install the cabinets, use your stud finder to locate and mark the center of the studs with a pencil. Studs are usually 16 or 24 inches apart. Assemble the cabinets but leave the doors off. You will add the doors at the end of the installation. Dry fit your cabinets to determine where you will need to make cut outs for plumbing pipes and hookups, electrical outlets, the sink, and so on.

Drill along the stud line. Install the upper cabinets first before installing the lower cabinets. Make sure the cabinets are level before tightening screws. Place shims under the lower cabinets if needed to level them out. Screw cabinets to the wall with a hand or electric screwdriver. If the cabinets are heavy, you may need to install a stringer (extra wood) on the wall first, then screw the cabinets into the stringer.

If you are also installing a new counter top, make sure that you do a dry fit first to make sure that the counter top fits your space including the space for your sink. Follow the directions on how to install your counter top. This may involve caulking the countertop and applying grout if needed.

One of the last steps is to install the cabinet doors. You will need to adjust each door as needed to ensure that they open and close easily and they are secured to the cabinet. To add a bit of whimsy to your kitchen, change out the kitchen cabinet handles and knobs – feel free to mix and match them – you can even select handles and knobs with a similar theme and/or color. Install base boards last.

Purchasing and installing new cabinets can be expensive. You can save money by refinishing kitchen cabinet doors, replacing the handles and knobs, even removing the middle of the cabinet doors and replace them with clear or frosted glass. New and updated kitchens can be expensive, but do provide a good return on investment. For example, a $20,000 kitchen remodel returns 73% on average. This is for a 200 square foot kitchen with about 30 linear feet of wood cabinets, laminate countertops, and a double stainless steel sink. New appliances, flooring, painting, and custom lighting adds to your ROI.


Silestone Countertops for Today’s Busy Lifestyles

Walk into a kitchen with Silestone countertops and feel yourself slipping away into an unprecedented level of luxury and sophistication. Silestone is the number one natural quartz surface brand in the world. Consumers all over the globe are discovering the wonders of Silestone quartz for their kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

Silestone leads the quartz countertop industry with these benefits:

  • Non-porous
  • Highly resistant to stains
  • Scorch-resistant
  • 4 times the flexural strength of granite
  • maintenance free
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • no need for sealing
  • over 65 colors
  • more color consistent than granite
  • mined from the finest quarries in Europe
  • Microban antimicrobial protection built in
  • Low or free of radon gas

Silestone’s certifications stand behind its superior quality. It holds the National Sanitation Foundation certification and the GREENGUARD Indoor Air Quality Certification stating it has low to no emission of toxic chemicals and doesn’t off-gas in the indoor environment. Silestone is the only quartz surface in the world to offer Microban antimicrobial protection. Microban is added into the product during the manufacturing process for protection throughout the life of your Silestone countertops and vanities.

With Microban inside your Silestone, your countertops are easier to clean and stay cleaner. A little soap and warm water is all it takes to keep your Silestone countertops in beautiful condition. No sealing, polishing, or reconditioning is ever needed. Silestone Leather products are also easy to maintain, but do require just a bit more cleaning each day to keep an even tone on the surface. The 3 dimensional surface feel of Silestone Leather will show more fingerprints and utensil contact than other Silestone products. Some Silestone colors are more susceptible to showing wear than other colors, however these signs are not permanent. Also, long-term continual exposure to UV rays from direct sunlight may cause slight discoloration in your Silestone countertops. Ask your qualified CIA Countertop design specialist to assist you in picking out the color and surface that will fit your lifestyle the best.

Silestone countertops have been included in the HGTV Dream Home since 2006. Their home designers know from experience what a superior quality product Silestone is. The sophisticated looks of Silestone have contributed each year to the award winning designs of not only the HGTV Dream Home, but homes across the country.

With over 65 colors available, Silestone offers a huge variety of design possibilities for your kitchen or bathroom. Whether you are remodeling or building new, you’ll find bright solid colors, neutral natural tones, and up to 5 dimensional color mixes that will let your personal style shine through. Silestone color is consistent and uniform throughout the product, which allows a much larger possibility for unique edge designs.

Silestone comes to the United States from Cosentino, the world’s largest manufacturer of natural quartz surfaces. Cosentino sends to the US natural quartz from the finest quarries in Europe. The Silestone team from Cosentino has more than seventy years of experience in the natural stone industry. They back their products and their reputation with a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty on Silestone for your home. CI Countertops is a distribution partner that will install your Silestone countertop with the utmost experience and professionalism. Complete CI Countertop’s free consultation form to find out how easy and affordable Silestone kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities will be for your home project.

Lexton (Solid Surface) Countertop Edges

Bullnose Edge
Bullnose Edge
Cosentino Edge
Demi Bullnose Edge
Half Bevel Edge
Incline Edge
Ogee Edge
Quarter Bevel Edge
Quarter Round Edge
Roman Ogee Edge
Sharks Mouth Edge
Triple Pencil Edge

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Granite Countertops Maryland

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You’ve probably been thinking about replacing your kitchen countertops for a while now, or maybe just started to consider a possible replacement. Either way we invite you to come learn more about Counter Intelligence. We’ve been fabricating countertops since the beginning, back in 1987! Yes, it’s been a while.

We’re here to help share our experience and knowledge on granite countertops with home owners, and to provide our customers with the highest level of experience in purchasing granite countertops in Maryland.

Our focus and process consists of a simple breakdown; highest natural stone quality, outstanding customer service and support, sophisticated measuring equipment, innovative fabrication processes & systems, and highly trained countertop installation professionals.

Recently I completed my kitchen renovation with the purchase of granite countertops. I made the purchase through Home Depot who informed me that Counter Intelligence would be the fabricator and installer. After reviewing comments online, I have to admit that I was a bit concerned . The negative ones were not recent, though, and complaints mentioned had more to do with poor customer service than with the actual installation itself. I went forward anyway and after getting in contact with the Project Manager, Stephanie, I knew that customer service would not be an issue. She kept in touch with me constantly and was extremely supportive and promptly addressed any concerns that I had. As a widow, it was difficult at times to navigate through the process alone so she was very helpful in this regard.

I also give kudos to the fabricator who did a perfect job on the granite and to the team of Wayne and Luis, the installers who did an awesome job. I am more than satisfied with Counter Intelligence and so pleased that I stuck with them. The installation is now complete and it proved to be a truly positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend your company should I have the opportunity to do so in the future.
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