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Counter Intelligence has been fabricating countertops since 1986 and steadily growing since. With over 200 employees we are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest countertop manufacturer and would love an opportunity to prove it. We currently serve different markets for kitchen countertops like Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Delaware, and Northern Virginia.

Over the years, Counter Intelligence has consistently been a pioneer on streamlining the countertop manufacturing process. So much that we’ve had the opportunity to share our knowledge and lessons with other fabricators from around the country. This is something we are very proud of because it proves our commitment to our products and also our commitment to contribute to the industry.

Although technology and craftsmanship are the heart of innovation, there is something much more essential to us, and that is our vigorous emphasis on constant improvement. We truly believe in making our customers experience better on a daily basis. Making the effort to constantly improve our internal processes and systems throughout our company, ultimately creates a superior experience for our customers. That’s what makes us different. That’s what they fall in love with.

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Kitchen Countertops | Surface and Natural Stone Types

Qualities of Natural Stone

In selecting stones for a new kitchen worktop, it’s important to consider how and where the material will be utilized on a daily basis. Natural stone has many different qualities, depending on how it was formed. Below are the three basic types of stone formation:

  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic

The most durable of natural stone types is igneous stone or commonly referred to as granite. Sedimentary stone (examples are Limestone, or Travertine) is the least durable and can quickly develop a patina if utilized in a high traffic area. Metamorphic stone (examples are Marble, or Soapstone) also develop a patina and require maintenance.

Selection of a surface stone for your kitchen worktop should take into account the accumulated changes in surface texture and color that will result from normal use. A Counter Intelligence representative can assist you in selecting a suitable surface for your new kitchen.