Bathroom Remodeling

Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom lately? Perhaps even a small powder room? Maybe you’re just looking to get some bathroom design ideas for future reference. Regardless of your intentions today, I think we can help. If you’re just looking for inspiration or to uncover neat ideas, please visit our bathroom photo gallery. We also encourgage you to come by our showroom, we have great stuff to show you. Click on the following link for a quick tour of our design showroom in Maryland.

All you need, one stop!

Some of the biggest problems when renovating a bathroom, a kitchen or any other living space at home, are delays. Getting things done on time & on budget is the biggest challenge for contractors and remodeling companies.

Working with us, the experience is significantly different. We have the advantage of controlling every single step of your project. We don’t have to deal with subcontractors, who are always late, or contractors who can’t plan accordingly, or subs that overpromise and under deliver on their commitments. We can provide everything that you need for your project (labor, materials, permits etc.), thus allowing us to control the delivery times, schedules, progress and more.

Communication made easy!

We make it super easy to communicate with us at anytime. We provide every single client with personalized access to their online profile, where we thoroughly track all the aspects of your project. Read more about monitoring your project online 24/7

Besides our 24/7 online access, you will be assigned a Project Manager that you can directly communicate with during normal business hours. Bathroom remodeling projects based out of New York City are handled the exact same way. No difference, no delays.

Don’t forget to plan

One common theme you will find throughout our website is our emphasis on planning; we cannot reiterate this enough. It is extremely critical that you take your time when preparing for any remodeling project at home. Seems like a pretty basic suggestion, certainly a logical one, and may even sound elementary. But the truth is most people choose to skip this step entirely, or perform very little planning. You already know that you’re unhappy with your current bathroom right? It may be out of date, may lack functional space, need more storage, lighting, or just plain old fashioned. Take the time to explore different bathroom ideas.

Free consultation

You can’t beat this! We are willing to send a professional out to your home to meet with you. We want to know up-close what your needs are. We want to listen to your ideas, and maybe even provide useful tips while we’re there. Our specialist wants to explore your bathroom area, existing materials that you may be able to re-use, suggest things, inform you, and also answer any questions you may have. For a free consultation please fill out the bathroom remodeling form or call (301) 589-5321

We’re looking forward to speaking with you, have a good one.