Stone Pavers

Outdoors and Indoors: Upgrading your home with stone pavers.

Most of you are familiar with pavers that give the look of old country cobblestones to driveways, patios and walkway. At Counter Intelligence we are now creating pavers by recycling our stone remnants into pavers with a beautiful twist: you can use our pavers outdoors as well as indoors.

OUTDOOR USE: One side of our pavers is rough to provide safe outdoor footing. At 1.25” thick, our pavers are durable and four times stronger than the typical concrete pavers sold at hardware stores. These pavers work well in your driveway, walkway, and patio, or you can add to your landscaping by tiling a retaining wall or fountain. You can even use pavers to outline a garden within a garden, or bring attention to your potted plants by creating pedestals of stacked pavers. Our pavers are just as easy to install as the concrete versions, so they can be used in your DIY weekend project.

INDOOR USE: The other side of our pavers is highly polished to bring out the natural beauty of the stone thus making it ideal for indoor use. You can tile a backsplash, shower wall, or floor. In addition, you can use the pavers to create a mantle for a fireplace or detail a ledge by your bathtub. As our pavers are cut from granite gathered from around the world, each pallet is unique, creating a custom feel to your project. If requested, we can further aid your design by packaging your pavers into light and dark pallets. Keep in mind, our polished surface also makes for easy clean up in your kitchen and bathroom!

Unlike most other companies that use up precious landfill space with their waste, we efficiently use our scrap granite to create our stone pavers. We even repurpose the remaining material from our patio paver cutting process for creating roadbeds.


Kitchen Faucets

Counter Intelligence offers Moen, Mirabelle, and PROFLO Faucets that are priced below retail. Click each faucet to enlarge. A unique collection of kitchen faucets for your new or existing countertops.

Chrome Moen Faucets

Brushed Stainless Steel Moen Faucets

Mirabelle Faucets

Pro Flo Faucets

Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Undermount Kitchen Sinks

We offer the following undermount kitchen sinks for your new countertop. Click each kitchen sink to enlarge.












Mirabelle Collection


2 Bowl Left-Hand Undermount

Kitchen Faucets

Bathroom Remodeling

Have you been thinking about remodeling your bathroom lately? Perhaps even a small powder room? Maybe you’re just looking to get some bathroom design ideas for future reference. Regardless of your intentions today, I think we can help. If you’re just looking for inspiration or to uncover neat ideas, please visit our bathroom photo gallery. We also encourgage you to come by our showroom, we have great stuff to show you. Click on the following link for a quick tour of our design showroom in Maryland.

All you need, one stop!

Some of the biggest problems when renovating a bathroom, a kitchen or any other living space at home, are delays. Getting things done on time & on budget is the biggest challenge for contractors and remodeling companies.

Working with us, the experience is significantly different. We have the advantage of controlling every single step of your project. We don’t have to deal with subcontractors, who are always late, or contractors who can’t plan accordingly, or subs that overpromise and under deliver on their commitments. We can provide everything that you need for your project (labor, materials, permits etc.), thus allowing us to control the delivery times, schedules, progress and more.

Communication made easy!

We make it super easy to communicate with us at anytime. We provide every single client with personalized access to their online profile, where we thoroughly track all the aspects of your project. Read more about monitoring your project online 24/7

Besides our 24/7 online access, you will be assigned a Project Manager that you can directly communicate with during normal business hours. Bathroom remodeling projects based out of New York City are handled the exact same way. No difference, no delays.

Don’t forget to plan

One common theme you will find throughout our website is our emphasis on planning; we cannot reiterate this enough. It is extremely critical that you take your time when preparing for any remodeling project at home. Seems like a pretty basic suggestion, certainly a logical one, and may even sound elementary. But the truth is most people choose to skip this step entirely, or perform very little planning. You already know that you’re unhappy with your current bathroom right? It may be out of date, may lack functional space, need more storage, lighting, or just plain old fashioned. Take the time to explore different bathroom ideas.

Free consultation

You can’t beat this! We are willing to send a professional out to your home to meet with you. We want to know up-close what your needs are. We want to listen to your ideas, and maybe even provide useful tips while we’re there. Our specialist wants to explore your bathroom area, existing materials that you may be able to re-use, suggest things, inform you, and also answer any questions you may have. For a free consultation please fill out the bathroom remodeling form or call (301) 589-5321

We’re looking forward to speaking with you, have a good one.

Help Renovating the Entire Kitchen?

No problem, Remodels are a Breeze with Counter Intelligence
Contact our Kitchen Designers for a Free Consultation

Do you still have a Dining Room? How often do you use it? The role of the Kitchen has changed a lot in the past 40 years. No longer just a “workspace” the Kitchen has become the center for Entertaining family and friends. Since you are reading this, chances are you are considering making your Kitchen a better space to Work and Entertain. But….

  • How much will it cost to remodel my kitchen?
  • How long will it take?
  • Whom can I trust to come into our home and do quality work?

These and many other questions require accurate answers. We can certainly work within your budget and provide a timeline from start to finish. But the bottom line comes down to trust and quality. And Counter Intelligence has a long history that supports our dedication to providing the trust and quality you need to be a satisfied customer.

Kitchen remodeling is not a small project or something that you are very likely to repeat every five years right? So why not take the right amount of time to properly plan, design, and execute? Renovations should by all means be handled (and nurtured) with the proper care that only an absolute professional can provide.

Since 1986, Counter Intelligence has installed hundreds of thousands of countertops and vanities, and renovated hundreds of kitchens. We have worked closely with Contractors, Designers, Kitchen and Bath Dealers and Homeowners. We know the ins and outs of kitchen and bath remodels and have the tools, services and professionals to perform everything from countertop replacements to full kitchen remodeling. When you choose Counter Intelligence, you get a company of 200+ employees devoted to making your project “better than you imagined”.

The collapse of the US Economy had some benefits for consumers. Increased competition for a shrinking dollar supply lowered prices and opened more channels to “buy direct” and eliminate the middle-man. But this sometimes required customers to manage their own projects in order to take advantage of lower prices. We can offer you the best of both worlds. Our direct buying power for cabinets, floors, fixtures and countertops gives you access to unbeatable pricing. And our Single Source Project Management provides the coordination of all the parts and pieces required for a successful completion of your project.

We invite you to visit one of our showrooms in Silver Spring Maryland or Springfield Virginia to explore further kitchen design ideas. In contrast, if you are looking to get inspiration by looking through photos, please visit our kitchen design ideas gallery, or take a tour of the Silver Spring MD showroom… and if you want even more, look through our Virginia kitchen and granite showroom.

Remember that we serve the midatlantic region and provide full kitchen remodels in New York, as well as Delaware. We are ready and standing by to help and look forward to earning your trust.

Looking for Cabinets? Excellent!

Get a Free Estimate on Cabinets

We install beautiful 100% wood kitchen cabinets in a range of solid oak and maple door styles with high-quality soft-close full extension drawers.

We carry some of the top cabinet lines for all of our kitchen remodeling projects. We work closely with cabinet suppliers like Waypoint Living Spaces, New River Cabinetry, and Heritage.

Explore the possibilities for your new custom kitchen. Call us to speak with one of our kitchen cabinet experts.

Just Looking for Countertops? Great!

Get kitchen countertops in 3 simple steps

Thanks for checking out our Countertops section. To the right you will see a menu of items you can check out like granite colors, granite countertop edges, different types of materials etc. If for any reason you can not find what you are looking for, please give us a call right away at (888) 901-8677 to speak with one of our project managers directly. Additionally you are welcome to request a Free In-Home Estimate and a team member will get back to you shortly.

A Brand you can Trust

Counter Intelligence has been fabricating countertops since 1986 and steadily growing since. With over 200 employees we are one of the Mid-Atlantic’s largest countertop manufacturer and would love an opportunity to prove it. We currently serve different markets for kitchen countertops like Maryland, Washington DC, New York, Delaware, and Northern Virginia.

Over the years, Counter Intelligence has consistently been a pioneer on streamlining the countertop manufacturing process. So much that we’ve had the opportunity to share our knowledge and lessons with other fabricators from around the country. This is something we are very proud of because it proves our commitment to our products and also our commitment to contribute to the industry.

Although technology and craftsmanship are the heart of innovation, there is something much more essential to us, and that is our vigorous emphasis on constant improvement. We truly believe in making our customers experience better on a daily basis. Making the effort to constantly improve our internal processes and systems throughout our company, ultimately creates a superior experience for our customers. That’s what makes us different. That’s what they fall in love with.

This simple yet powerful philosophy is fulfilled throughout our company daily and powers the excellent group of team members we have at Counter Intelligence. They are the true essence of our success.

If you would like to learn more about working with us or to take advantage of our free in-home countertops estimate, please submit the easy form below, or simply give us a call at (301) 589-5321

Thank you and we look forward to speaking with you and earning your trust.

Kitchen Countertops | Surface and Natural Stone Types

Qualities of Natural Stone

In selecting stones for a new kitchen worktop, it’s important to consider how and where the material will be utilized on a daily basis. Natural stone has many different qualities, depending on how it was formed. Below are the three basic types of stone formation:

  • Igneous
  • Sedimentary
  • Metamorphic

The most durable of natural stone types is igneous stone or commonly referred to as granite. Sedimentary stone (examples are Limestone, or Travertine) is the least durable and can quickly develop a patina if utilized in a high traffic area. Metamorphic stone (examples are Marble, or Soapstone) also develop a patina and require maintenance.

Selection of a surface stone for your kitchen worktop should take into account the accumulated changes in surface texture and color that will result from normal use. A Counter Intelligence representative can assist you in selecting a suitable surface for your new kitchen.