Explore the luxury and beauty of Cambria Countertops

Be consumed by the elegance and superior quality of Cambria countertops. Cambria pure natural quartz is the hardest non-precious stone on earth. Cambria looks and feels like granite, but is superior in its performance and life long durability. This extremely hard stone makes the finest quality kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities available on the market today. Cambria countertops meet the demands of today’s consumer by offering beautiful form and durable function to be enjoyed for decades.

The Cambria natural stone surface is not only attractive and elegant, but is the premium material for your kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities. Cambria countertops are:

  • twice the strength of granite
  • non-porous
  • require no maintenance
  • worry-free and easy to clean
  • stain resistant
  • never needs to be sealed, polished or reconditioned
  • completely natural
  • comes with a guarantee
  • radon free
  • made in the USA

In fact, Cambria is so superior in its composition that it is certified by NSF International for safety in use as a food preparation surface and UMKosher as representing the highest quality of Kashrut supervision. Because Cambria is nonporous, its surface can not be penetrated by bacteria, food, and moisture, thereby making it as safe as a stainless steel countertop, only much more beautiful.

Cambria has been custom designed to match the taste and appeal of the American consumer. Cambria is a leader among countertop manufacturers when it comes to design and color. Cambria is offered in over 60 colors, more color choices than any other natural quartz product available. The rich colors penetrate the entire material, giving consumers everlasting durability.

The care of Cambria countertops and vanities is not a difficult process. Just wash Cambria with warm water. No more attention or work is needed. But Cambria has other important safety factors as well. It is radon free and GREENGUARD certified as a low-emitting product for inside air quality. In fact, Cambria natural quartz surfaces have been tested to show that Cambria has no impact on indoor air quality and do not off-gas. Cambria countertops do not contain formaldehyde or VOC’s.

Cambria is primarily mined in North America and is made exclusively in the United States, so it has a lower “carbon footprint” than other imported quartz materials. The Cambria Company is family-owned and has been in business for more than 60 years.

Cambria is guaranteed with a Lifetime Limited Warranty to assure you that your new kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities will retain their everlasting beauty for decades to come.

Whether you are looking to replace just your countertops to give your kitchen or bath a fresh new look, completely remodeling, or building new, Cambria kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities offer you a world of elegance and durability. CI Countertops further sweetens the deal by making your choice of a Cambria countertop fast, easy, head-ache free, and affordable. Schedule an appointment today to discuss the installation of Cambria countertops in your home with a design specialist from CI Countertops.