Bathroom Vanities take Center Stage in a Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Vanities are the focal point of today’s bathroom. They have become the center piece for a successful bathroom remodel, and let’s not forget that functionally, we do need somewhere to store our extra rolls of toilet paper. We’re seeing a number of design trends in the bathroom that you’ll want to consider when remodeling or building new.

Furniture in the Bathroom
One design trend that we’ve seen for a while is bathroom vanities that look like pieces of furniture. We’re seeing smaller designs for powder rooms and larger vanities for master bathrooms. In fact, one large bathroom vanity with a sink on either side is becoming popular for couples who share the space. For older homes, a darker stained wood works well with a light Granite vanity countertop.

Freestanding Cabinetry
Sometimes the double vanity just looks too bulky in the bathroom. Instead, try two pedestal sinks, for “his and hers”, with a freestanding bathroom vanity in the middle. We’re seeing quartz bathroom countertops used more and more in this design due to the wide array of colors now available.

Escape to the Bathroom
Today’s homeowner wants the look and feel of a spa at home. Turning bathrooms into “spa retreats” is one of today’s most popular home remodeling projects. Bathrooms are getting bigger, separate showers and bathtubs are being added, and different materials such as wood, quartz, and granite are being used in artful combinations as bathroom vanity countertops.

Parade of Color
We’re still seeing white as the most popular fixture color, but choosing to add a colorful bathroom vanity can really breathe some life into a dull, dreary space. A new bathroom vanity can be added quickly and with a minimal investment, but the effects can be dramatic. The new color palettes being offered in granite, acrylic solid surfaces, and quartz are offering choices to today’s consumer that weren’t available ten years ago. From natural colors to blues and red, color sets the mood and adds personality to your bathroom space.

Varity of Textures
Different textures are being brought into the bathroom. Designers are taking inspiration from nature and combining various elements into artful forms of expression in the bathroom. Stone, granite, glass, acrylic, and quartz are being used to soften hard edges and complement the wood being used in the bathroom cabinetry.

Electronics and High Tech
Forget the shower radio, today’s bathrooms are high tech all the way. Flat screen TV’s and stereo sound systems are being found in more and more of today’s bathroom remodels. Smaller TVs and DVD players are being cleverly built into the bathroom vanity.

Consider asking a design specialist from CIA Countertops exactly how you can pull some of these elements into your bathroom remodel. They’ll even tell you how you can get a free bathroom vanity countertop if you purchase kitchen countertops at the same time. Schedule your free consultation today.