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Stone Pavers

Outdoors and Indoors: Upgrading your home with stone pavers.

Most of you are familiar with pavers that give the look of old country cobblestones to driveways, patios and walkway. At Counter Intelligence we are now creating pavers by recycling our stone remnants into pavers with a beautiful twist: you can use our pavers outdoors as well as indoors.

OUTDOOR USE: One side of our pavers is rough to provide safe outdoor footing. At 1.25” thick, our pavers are durable and four times stronger than the typical concrete pavers sold at hardware stores. These pavers work well in your driveway, walkway, and patio, or you can add to your landscaping by tiling a retaining wall or fountain. You can even use pavers to outline a garden within a garden, or bring attention to your potted plants by creating pedestals of stacked pavers. Our pavers are just as easy to install as the concrete versions, so they can be used in your DIY weekend project.

INDOOR USE: The other side of our pavers is highly polished to bring out the natural beauty of the stone thus making it ideal for indoor use. You can tile a backsplash, shower wall, or floor. In addition, you can use the pavers to create a mantle for a fireplace or detail a ledge by your bathtub. As our pavers are cut from granite gathered from around the world, each pallet is unique, creating a custom feel to your project. If requested, we can further aid your design by packaging your pavers into light and dark pallets. Keep in mind, our polished surface also makes for easy clean up in your kitchen and bathroom!

Driveway pavers Stone pavers Patio pavers

Our pavers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Currently, we have the following options: 

Patio stone pavers

Square Rectangle Split Fan
(8" x 8" and 3" x 3") (6" x 9" and 4" x 8")    

More shapes and sizes are on the way!

Paver stones

Unlike most other companies that use up precious landfill space with their waste, we efficiently use our scrap granite to create our stone pavers. We even repurpose the remaining material from our patio paver cutting process for creating roadbeds. 

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