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Nov 6, 2013

Kitchen Remodeling ~ the Unknown (Part One)

My wife and I had been thinking about remodeling our small kitchen for a while, and we finally came to an agreement on our budget a few months ago. Equipped with an actual number, we were ready to start searching for a kitchen remodeling company that would make our project come true.

As you’re probably guessing, we ran into many difficulties and discovered details we never really considered when we first had this idea. We learned countless things along the way that we later wished someone had taken the time to explain to us. Renovating a kitchen is, in some cases, a once in a lifetime project, and trust me, you don’t want to get this one wrong!

We hope our experience can help you not only make a more educated decision, but also find the right company to perform the work. Ultimately we want to arm you with the right questions to ask yourself and others when starting your own remodeling journey.

There is so much advice and tips we want to share, that we’ve decided to break them up into a series of articles. Otherwise we’ll both be here writing forever. Enjoy.


The Art of Planning

Kitchen Remodeling PlanningDon’t ignore this step. If you have a kitchen table and chairs, or even a small breakfast bar with stools, have a seat next to your spouse to give some serious thought to your kitchen renovation ideas. As Benjamin Franklin once said “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”, so take the time to plan and understand exactly what you are looking for in your new kitchen. After all, one thing is clear; that you are not satisfied with your existing one, so why not plan correctly.

Regardless of where you are sitting (hopefully in your kitchen) just make sure you can openly see the entire kitchen space. Start by asking yourselves the following questions and turn them into a cooperative conversation between the two of you, and (depending whether you have children and their age) you may want to get your kids involved;

Are we happy with the current layout of our kitchen?
Are we happy with the amount of walking/moving space around it?
Do we have sufficient storage space in the cabinets?
What do we think of our floor?
Are we happy with our sink or do we need a bigger one?
Do we use the dishwasher often?
Do we like the fridge there?
What do we think of the lighting?
Do we need to replace appliances?
Do we have too much open floor space?

These questions alone will get you and your spouse in the appropriate mood and you will notice that other questions like these will follow along. Trust me, this exercise will save you many headaches later on, they will save you money and better yet will save you from uncomfortable disagreements and arguments with your spouse. During our research process we spoke to many of our family friends and neighbors, quickly realizing that most skipped this step. So instead of taking time to plan, we dove right into looking for a company that would provide us with a free estimate on our kitchen remodeling project. Big mistake as you will see in coming articles.

Remember that no one understands your personal and family needs better than you and your spouse. By planning ahead, you and your spouse will be in a much better position to effectively communicate your specific needs to your kitchen designer, which in turn will result in the best possible solutions and accommodations for your family. Of course improvements are always viable options, so be prepared to listen to your designer’s professional opinion and suggestions as they can always add value and complement your already awesome plan.

Be sure to check back soon for part two. Until then, have a great one.

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