Milano Granite Countertops Add Beauty & Durability to your Home

From deep within the earth, granite was formed from billions of years of volcanic molten magma heating and cooling. The result is fabulous granite slabs in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, as only Mother Nature could deliver. Now Counter Intelligence brings you Milano Select Natural Stones. Milano takes this perfect natural stone from the earth and makes it even better.

Milano offers only first quality granite to its customers. Each slab of granite is hand picked from quarries around the globe by experts in the industry. You’ll never get a second or commercial quality grade of stone with Milano.

All granite countertops have a character all their own. Each slab of granite is unique in color and color pattern. This makes your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities a one of kind design element that only your house will have. Granite does contain pits and fissures. These are natural occurrences in the stone and they are filled in with resins that increase the strength and improve the appearance. Milano offers only first quality materials in 38 granite color choices and 11 granite edge choices. The design possibilities are endless.

Granite is naturally a porous stone, which means it can be susceptible to stains. But MilanoStone with IntelliGuard is a new treatment that will prevent spills and liquids from penetrating into your countertops. This unique process allows your granite tops to continue to breathe, unlike common sealers, which clog the porous surface of the stone. IntelliGuard actually changes the surface tension of granite countertops and vanities. Any spills on your granite bead up and can be wiped away with ease. You must clean up a spill within 12 hours to make sure that no staining occurs.

Daily cleaning is a breeze. Just use a dish soap like Ivory or another ph neutral brand mixed with warm water to wipe off your granite countertops. It’s that easy with MilanoStone IntelliGuard treated granite.

Milano stands behind their Intelliguard treatment process with a 15-Year Warranty. The beauty of natural granite is now combined with the ease of care of more expensive specialty countertop products.

Ask your CI Countertop design specialist today about how Milano granite countertops and granite bathroom vanities can be used to add value and beauty to your home.