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Oct 2, 2013

The Importance of Kitchen Design

If your kitchen needs a facelift, painting your cabinets, installing new countertops and updating your appliances is a great option.  If you need a complete remodel there are many other issues to consider.

DO:  Find at least one item of creativity or fun that expresses your attitude and preferences.  Nothing makes a kitchen pop like beautiful, distinctive countertops.  Your choice of countertop material and color should be considered EARLY in the design phase.  A “perfect selection” for your countertops makes all other choices easier.  So make your bedroom sleepy, your bathroom comfy and put something in your kitchen that makes you smile.

DON’T:  Try to save money by doing your own design.  An experienced professional will save you money by helping you avoid mistakes and choosing wisely within your budget.  We offer design services as part of every kitchen remodel so take advantage of our experience and let us help you get the most value for your investment.

DO:  Get what you want.  Research magazines for pictures that appeal to you.  Check out www.houz.com. They have tons of photos of kitchens of all types.  Knowing what’s possible helps you know what you want.

DON’T:  Ignore lighting.  We eat dinner at our kitchen island every night.  The dimmer switch for our overhead lighting lets my wife create a “candle-like glow”.  I look better in dim lighting and my wife can better enjoy her meal!  Under cabinet lighting should also be part of your remodel.  This offers a soft perimeter light when no overhead is required and when turned up to the brightest setting provides wonderful task lighting!

DO: Pay attention to the “Triangle”.  Your sink, stove and refrigerator need to be within easy access to one another.  Having them too far apart or too close together creates a poor workspace.  You shouldn’t have to take 8 steps from the stove to the sink to drain a boiling pot of pasta.  A second person should also be able to do food prep without having to move out of the way of the refrigerator door.

DON’T:  Be afraid to move your plumbing.  If you don’t like your current kitchen, your sink may be out of place.  Invest in properly placed plumbing to get the ultimate design for your space.

DO:  Ventilate properly.  A working exhaust fan vented to the outdoors is a valuable option.  Smoke and heat from stove top cooking can trigger your smoke alarms and create more excitement in the kitchen than planned.

DON’T:  Overbuild your island.  Many designers fill the open space in a kitchen with a large island.  This may result in the necessity of a seam in your countertop for a variety of reasons.  And while seams are often a necessary and important part of a properly installed countertop, they are distracting in an island.

DO: Consider trash and recyclables.  Convenient access to bins for trash and recycled material makes life easier for daily and weekly removal of sorted disposables.

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