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Feb 6, 2014

Granite Countertops: Trends and Ideas for 2014

Winter is usually a time where we think about improving our living spaces. Whether it's a new bathroom, kitchen or basement, this is the time we start noticing things we want to change. Replacing kitchen countertops is among the most common projects for the spring. If you're thinking about replacing your countertops, here's a few ideas and trends to consider.

Do you love watching home remodeling shows? You don't necessarily need a designer when it comes to home remodeling -- especially not when you're replacing countertops, after all, almost half of the people thinking about remodeling prefer to just update a few things versus starting from scratch, this is according to a study conducted by Houzz released late in 2013. The study also revealed (and reiterated) that granite is still the most popular material for kitchen countertops, quickly followed by quartz.

We decided to put a few ideas together on how you can incorporate granite in your kitchen.

Top Granite Color for 2014

Black has been named to be 2014's color of the year for granite countertops. Its versatility to elevate the appearance of kitchens and bathrooms is what makes it a popular choice. Not to mention the fact that this vibrant shade is warranted to be noticed by anyone who visits your home. Whether you prefer your room's design to be minimalist, luxurious, bold or rustic, black granite countertops can provide the right look and feel. It's a classic color that complements almost any color palette. You can think of black as a paradox: It's a neutral color, yet it is trendy and timeless at the same time.

Black granite countertops

Mix and Match

Another trend we're seeing this year is to mix and match materials or colors. For example, having granite countertops along with a Silestone quartz island has been a growing trend. Another option is having granite countertops complemented by rough stone tile as the backsplash, or even standard tiles. Choosing a different color for the main countertop run and another for the island can also add a distinctive look to your kitchen. This idea of combining different colors and materials can also be admired by having a wooden island.

Choosing a different look, style or color for backsplashes can also benefit the overall kitchen design. Just because you choose a dark color granite countertop, doesn’t mean you need to choose the exact same for the backsplash. In fact this would only give the illusion that the room is smaller than it actually is. Create balance and contrast by opting for a light-colored backsplash or cabinets.

Granite countertops


Numerous benefits come with choosing granite. Replacing an outdated countertop will guarantee to increase the value of your home. It is also incredibly easy to maintain. It's recommended to be resealed annually to ward off bacteria and to increase resilience. The stronger it is, the less chances it will have stains. In addition, it can withstand heat better than other materials. It's definitely a great option for a fireplace mantel. Granite has always been very appealing to homeowners for years for these reasons.

All in all, countertops, backsplashes, cabinets, and appliances -- they should all be in harmony. Elements of a design should not fight for attention. Most of all, it's important that you love how it looks at the end of the day. What's in or what's out doesn't matter much if you're not happy with its aesthetics, functionality, and affordability. So plan ahead, keep the trends in mind, and decide which ones fit your individual needs.

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