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Dec 18, 2013

Creative Kitchen Storage

As someone once said, “You cannot have too much kitchen storage.” Even the fanciest most up-to-date kitchens with what seems like ample storage may not even meet your needs. There are a wide range of items that are traditionally stored in kitchen cabinets.

Silverware for daily use, pots, pans, baking and cooking utensils, glasses, plates, and cups – the list seems endless. If a pantry is not available, food will be kept in kitchen cabinets along with covering supplies (e.g., wax paper, sandwich bags, freezer bags, etc.) and paper products, such as paper towels and napkins. With a smaller or odd-shaped kitchen, one needs to get a bit creative to have everything they need at hand when cooking or baking.

Traditional Cabinets

The common kitchen cabinets are the most widely used type of cabinets to store kitchen items. One basic kitchen cabinet can cost anywhere around $300 to $700 or more. Of course, an endless budget means the ability to select and install very high end products. Note that a total kitchen remodel can run in the thousands of dollars and that kitchen cabinets can be up to 40% of that cost. As a result, you want to make sure that you work with a kitchen designer who can make the most use of your space at the lowest cost. Then shop around for prices. Per cabinet cost from IKEA, Lowe’s, or Home Depot can be significantly different from custom made products. Look for companies that can offer a free estimate on kitchen cabinets so that you have the opportunity to ask the rigth questions.

Re-purposed Furniture

There are other ways to establish areas for storage in your kitchen without adding on expensive cabinetry. If you have the room, add a sideboard. Originally made to store silverware and high-end dishes as well as display food, today’s sideboard is used similarly. However, instead of storing very expensive items (which is still done), kitchen items used every day are kept in the sideboard as well. Sideboards do not need to be ones actually designed for that purpose. You may find the perfect piece of furniture that can serve as a sideboard by searching antique shops, garage or tag sales, and re-sale shops. Any type of furniture can work as long as it has space to store items.


If you are handy, build your own sideboard. Use non-traditional materials such as reclaimed wood. You can get hundreds of sideboard design ideas and instructions on how to build one by searching the Internet. Whether you build your own or re-purpose furniture, in both cases you can add wheels so that the sideboard can be easily moved about the kitchen or dining area. Paint or stain your sideboard to either blend in with your kitchen scheme or to add a pop of color.

Use Every Space

Take a good look at your kitchen to see if there are spaces that are unused that could be filled with items. Cabinet organizers added inside the kitchen cabinet doors can provide you more space.  Small shelves with rails gives you space to store soup cans. Install adhesive hooks inside kitchen cabinet doors and use them to hang pot covers for easy reach. You can also use tension rods to achieve the same result. Install a pot rack on the ceiling. You do not need to purchase a traditional pot rack. Be creative! Old chandeliers industrial-style piping, even an old wooden ladder can be re-purposed, serving a functional need as well as being a conversation piece. Add baskets to a bookshelf. Install open shelving. Use mugs, vases, or wide-mouth glass jars to hold utensils.

Thinking Outside the Cabinet

Finding and using all available space in your kitchen can be very productive. Think both inside and outside your kitchen cabinets. Can you re-purpose existing furniture in your house, such as a bookshelf, to add storage? Look for jars, mugs, and glasses to store small utensils and other items. Using a pegboard with various pegs/hangers will give you a place to store pot tops, plates, and pans. Open shelving is less expensive than traditional kitchen cabinets and will provide the same level of storage space. Above all, before you even begin, clean out all your cabinets and drawers before you start! You may be surprised that you already have enough storage. You just need to get organized.

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