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Kitchen Countertops become the Star in Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen has truly become the focal point of the American home. Kitchens are a gathering place, an entertaining space, an eating area, a technology center, and let’s not forget it’s where we cook. Taking center stage in the kitchen, are the countertops. With the variety of materials and colors now available in kitchen countertops, home owners really have the ability to let their personality shine in the design of their kitchen.

Considerations when Purchasing Kitchen Countertops
Whether you are building new, planning a kitchen remodeling project, or just looking to replace your current countertops, there are several important questions to ask when choosing what to buy.

What is your lifestyle?
If your lifestyle includes a family with children, a durable, easy to maintain, and stain-resistant countertop material such as Cambria Quartz or Lexton Acrylic Solid Surface might be a good choice. If you enjoy entertaining and want a combination of sophistication and convenience, a good choice might be Granite.

What complements your home and your personality?
When choosing kitchen countertops you need to consider what will be complementary to your home and what your personal tastes are. Lively colors, like the palette available in acrylic or a marbled granite, work best with natural daylight. When there is an absence of daylight, warmer, softer color schemes in quartz work well. Dark surfaces and muted color palettes from Silestone or Cambria can create a soothing atmosphere where family and guests can seek comfort and food.

What is my budget?
What countertop surface material is going to work for your budget? When you’re looking to get the most bang for your buck in a kitchen remodeling project, replacing your kitchen countertops can be a smart place to spend your money. Taking a dull white laminate and replacing it with a speckled granite can be done with CIA Countertops in a few days for a minimal cost with a dramatic effect to your kitchen.

Trends in Kitchen Countertops
Today’s trends in kitchen remodeling are giving home owners many different directions in which to go. Changes in your kitchen countertops can take your kitchen from dull to dramatic, tired to trendy in just days.

Colorful Kitchens
Bolder, brighter, more vibrant colors are finding their way into the kitchen and into kitchen countertops. Manufacturers have spiced up their color offerings to give home owners more choices than they had a decade ago.

It’s Easy Being Green
Green and eco-friendly products continue to be a hot commodity. With all the attention on being Green, we won’t see it going out of style anytime soon.  There are several eco-friendly kitchen countertop products that are GREENGUARD certified and are made by companies that take the environment seriously. Silestone is an excellent choice to keep your kitchen counters green. Cambria is GREENGUARD certified and is made in the US, so it has a smaller “carbon footprint” than many of the imported competitors.

Curvy Kitchens
To soften the look of your kitchen try using rounded edges and shapes. A curved island creates a soft look but clearly divides various elements in the kitchen. A curved bar offers a contemporary feel while offering plenty of seating for guests. A curved eating area gives your guests the ability to see each other. Add a raised bar to a curved kitchen countertop and you’ll add a social area to your kitchen without crowding the cook.

Kitchen Tech
High tech has definitely found its way into the kitchen. Our kitchen appliances have definitely gotten more tech oriented. Electronic staples such as computers, televisions, and stereo systems have all found their way into the kitchen. Kitchen countertops are being designed with specialty workstations to allow for computer stations, desk areas, coffee bars, and a host of other functions.

Quartz Kitchen Countertops
Engineered quartz, such as Cambria and Silestone offers today’s consumer a kitchen countertop surface that offers low maintenance, endless choices of color, and high durability. Quartz boasts the best qualities of laminate and stone, plus some. These countertops are virtually indestructible and much more sanitary, up to 99.9 percent bacteria-free. They also resist staining and maintenance free.

Ask the experts at CIA Countertops questions about what product might best fit your kitchen remodeling project. Schedule an appointment today to find out how CIA Countertops can make your dream kitchen come to life.

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